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1: Why You Should Listen to How to Lose Money

November 10, 2016

This podcast is all about failure . . . but not failure for failure’s sake.

“How to Lose Money” will teach you to leverage the mistakes of professionals who have gone before you and learned hard lessons. It’s not fun to fail over and over: so we’ve decided to accelerate your learning curve with “failure by proxy” through others. Failure for the most part is predictable; and anything that is predictable is generally avoidable.

We believe that every one of you reading this has incredible potential. One of the key things standing between where you are today and your destiny, is your ability to apply your failures (and the failures of others) to get to your future success! Often the crucial defining moments of loss and learning are swept under the rug. We should be putting the spotlight on those moments of failure and study them lest we repeat those same mistakes.

Yesterday I heard a story about an entrepreneur who randomly met an Asian guy in an airport. They began corresponding and the Asian man eventually sent the entrepreneur a check for $2 million to help fund his start-up business! He was able to leverage that into a massive multi-million dollar fortune. It was an amazing story! I applaud him and admire that he was able to build an empire from a random encounter. But what else can I do with that story? I have no way to duplicate his situation. But if that same guy were to tell me about his past failures, I might be able to learn something important that I could apply to my situation.

We remember Thomas Edison for his invention of the light bulb…..which was something like invention 1067 after many failed attempts. The Wright Brothers failed in business numerous times before finally succeeding at their bicycle shop which in turn was used to fund the first powered flight. Steve Jobs wasted millions of dollars on products and companies that failed, before developing Pixar and other world changing technology. The reason you know who these people are is because they learned from their failures. They made adjustments and created opportunity from the dust of their mistakes. These incredible success stories were the result of years of failures and lessons learned. 

Whoever has the most hope has the most influence; whoever has the most influence has the most opportunity, for themselves and others. Our podcast are designed to infuse you with hope; and to propel you to go out and create your own opportunity.

Join us as we talk about many incredible stories of failure and success. We focus not on success stories that remain merely stories, but on the hard lessons that you can actually apply and the obstacles that you can actually avoid. The only way to learn how not to lose money is to learn what losing it looks like.

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