Season 1,

34: Leaving Trillions of Dollars at the Bottom of the Sea with Chris Hartman

March 20, 2017

We always say, you can make money doing absolutely anything these days. We also say you can lose money doing anything! You just have to find what you enjoy and what you are best at. In this episode, Chris shares a fascinating story and career path that we can all learn from.

Chris Hartman has worked in the oceanic industry on a corporate, field, industry and academic level. He developed a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the industry. Having worked 1500 plus days offshore, from performing underwater oil rig repairs to collecting medicinal specimens, through the use of Heavy-Duty Work-Class Remotely Operated Vehicles. His current venture: Global Ocean Center—an oceanic data and operations management organization, providing linkages among industry, academia, military, government and public sector.


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